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For too long humankind was called to bond with a male God, or a Goddess from antiquity, but I’ve uncovered a concealed truth relevant to all, and it is my pleasure to share that hidden truth with you. I call it


By Starr* Saffa

New Age awareness is alive with the words and practices of ‘harmony’ and ‘balance’. Developing harmony and balance in the individual, between the sexes, races, and in the world at large is a concern to all; yet many are unaware of the Source of the growth and charter for humankind and the intended goal.

We are in a period of time where the Great Reversal is taking place in a lead up to the Shift of the Ages that many religions and Indigenous peoples have predicted. I use the term “Great Reversal” to talk about shifts in Cycles. Humanity has been through many Cycles and is destined to have at least seven on this planet. The Cycle that preceded this Patriarchal Cycle which is now closing was that of the Goddesses. The up coming Sixth Cycle is the Cycle of Balance expected to begin 21 December 2012.

It may come as a surprise to many that Kuan -yin, a Female Goddess Figure was originally a male Deity, known as Avalokitesvara as pointed out in the book entitled: "Kuan-yin: the Chinese Transformation of Avalokitesvara." Discovering that Deities have undergone gender transformation is relevant to where we are today, because in this time which heralds the Cycle of Balance the female and male principles are emerging to become incorporated in Diety and in the individual.

Interestingly we have a contemporary Female representative of the Christ Spirit who declared in Iran in 1844 along with Her twin Manifestation the Bab, namely Tahirih (the pure one) in an effort to demonstrate this coming together of the male and female in contemporary times. Her teachings closed the door on the past in order to open the door for preparing humankind for the Cycle of Balance. Tahirih teaches that humankind has now reached the age of maturity and it is time for every individual to own their own Christ Spirit within and become creators of reality. She said ‘inner truth is central coupled with rational proofs and individual gnosis of truth is what counts. The time of worshipping God/ess outside of oneself has come to an end for all practical purposes. Yet we know that the Source of our Being lives in All that Is, thus we acknowledge our connection to the Infinite Consciousness. Consequently we are making the mindshift to thinking in Wholeness rather than spearation.

Diane Cota-Robles said “The empowering realization that "the Kingdom of God is within you" has led great numbers of individuals to spiritual maturity and religious freedom. Importantly, the realization also provides a foundation for individual social maturity and POLITICAL freedom not yet experienced in the world.” Knowing the Source of this empowerment in relation to the past, the future and the Now only further empowers our abilities to manifest and dream the new paradigm into being.